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About us

Our brand

In 1997 the brand of Neolac Organic was introduced in The Netherlands by Mr. Piet Verhagen, who is a well-known and respected expert in baby formulas. It was his vision to bring a better product to the children of the world by combining all his decades of experience and knowledge into a new and revolutionary formula, called Neolac Organic. In his earlier career he spent several years in formulating products that are based on nature’s best: breast milk. Aware of the need for good breast milk substitutes around the world he wanted to bring his vision to as much families around the world as possible by offering Neolac Organic. In 2015, Neolac Organic was re-launched in The Netherlands, providing milk formulas based on completely organic cow’s milk from the Netherlands.

Our company

Neolac Organic is a brand of Ausnutria Nutrition B.V., which is part of Ausnutria B.V. We have over 100 years of experience in dairy production and more than 75 years experience in producing infant formula.

From the Netherlands

Neolac Organic milk formula is made from 100% Dutch organic meadow milk. Our country has a long tradition of dairy production. The soil and climate in the Netherlands are very favourable for dairy farming. The close collaboration between dairy farmers, processors, suppliers and research bodies has resulted in a flourishing industry that uses the latest top-grade technology. Dutch milk is famous across the globe for its very high quality.


Our factory in Ommen, the Netherlands

Neolac Organic products are made using Verla, our own brand of organic milk powder sourced from our own factory in Ommen, located in the east of the Netherlands.

The history of our factory in Ommen goes right back to 1897, when it was founded by Mr Kramer. The factory was named the “de Vechtstreek” after the river valley in which it is situated, and a name the building still wears with pride. In 1910, a group of farmers decided to start a Cooperative and took over the factory. It was the first factory with a complete and continually operating butter production line. The factory has expanded and increased its operations in line with the growth of milk production in the Netherlands. Since 1928, milk powder has also been produced in Ommen.

In 1996, the factory was sold to the Hyproca Dairy Group, the current Ausnutria Hyproca, and continues operating under the name Hyproca Dairy. Today, Hyproca Dairy is a professional dairy factory that not only produces under its own brand, but also supplies top-quality dairy ingredients to various major international companies.

Our factories in Leeuwarden and Kampen

The organic milk powder from our factory in Ommen is further processed into Neolac Organic formula in our factories in Kampen and Leeuwarden, located in the middle- and north of the Netherlands. The factories in Leeuwarden and Kampen originated in 1912, with the founding of Lijempf. Already in 1938 Lijempf began producing milk formulas for baby and child nutrition. In 1973, Lijempf was taken over by Royal Wessanen and from that point on focuses on exporting bottle feed under the name Bebelac. With increasing contacts abroad, the factory’s name is changed to Lyempf. In 1993, Lyempf is acquired by Nutricia.

Six years later, Hyproca Dairy Group – now Ausnutria B.V. – bought the factory in Leeuwarden, which by then had been renamed Lypack. In 2011, with the takeover of the factories in Kampen, Leeuwarden and Kampen, they are united under one company. These days, the production of formula is now the core activity of both factories.

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