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Why should I choose Neolac Organic?

The best nutrition for your child is breast milk. In case you decide to use an alternative, Neolac Organic is a choice. Neolac Organic is made from 100% organic cow's milk sourced exclusively from Dutch cows. Furthermore, Neolac Organic formula is enriched with premium ingredients such as GOS (prebiotic fibres) and DHA & AA (unsaturated fatty acids). Before you decide to use Neolac Organic, consult your health care professional for advice. Always follow the instructions on the tin, unless otherwise prescribed.

Where can I buy Neolac Organic?

Neolac is available in our own Webshop (shipping within Europe). Moreover, Neolac is available for sale at ETOS drugstores and EkoPlaza Organic supermarkets in The Netherlands. .

Where are Neolac Organic’s products produced?

Neolac Organic is produced by our parent company Ausnutria Nutrition B.V. The 100% organic milk is sourced exclusively from Dutch family run farms. Our factories are all located in the Netherlands, so Neolac Organic is a 100% Dutch baby formula.

What is Ausnutria Nutrition B.V.?

Neolac Organic is a brand of Ausnutria Nutrition B.V. Our parent company has over 100 years of experience in dairy production and more than 75 years of experience in producing baby formula.

I have further questions about Neolac Organic, Ausnutria Nutrition B.V., and/or other issues.

For further questions, contact our customer service using the contact form.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a sustainable method of farming that avoids the use of artificial fertilizer, chemical pesticides and genetic modification. Our organic milk is sourced from Dutch cows that graze 200 days per year on average. In winter, the cows are housed in large sheds and eat organic feed.

What does the green & white leaf mean on the packaging?

The green & white leaf logo is the European organic quality mark. This means that Neolac Organic baby formula meets the EU regulations for organic farming. A feature of these EU guidelines is that at least 95% of the ingredients in organic products must be organic. For further information on the EU Organic quality mark, please visit the EKO website: EU Organic Certification.

What does the black & white EKO logo mean on the packaging?

This is the EKO Quality Mark, the Dutch quality mark for organic products. For further information on the EKO Quality Mark, please visit the EKO website: Stichting EKO-Keurmerk.

Bottle feeding
Does the organic cow’s milk in Neolac Organic originate from cows in the Netherlands?

Yes, our milk is sourced from Dutch cows that graze 200 days per year on average on green Dutch pastures.

What is GOS, stated on the front of the Neolac Organic packaging?

GOS is a nutritional fibre that assists in the growth of healthy bacteria that support your baby's digestive system.

DHA & AA are displayed on the front of Neolac Organic – what do they mean?

DHA & AA are are long chain poly-unsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and are found in the brain and eye tissue.

Can I combine bottle feed with breast feeding?

Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby. If required or if necessary, you can combine formula with breastfeeding. It is recommended to first consult your doctor or health clinic before deciding to start bottle feeding. Always follow the instructions on the packaging, unless otherwise prescribed.

What is the right amount of formula for my baby?

Each baby is different. Especially in the first months, your baby has not developed a fixed feed rhythm. The amount of nutrition a baby needs is partly dependent on its length and weight. Your doctor or health clinic can advise you on how much bottle feed your baby needs. Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, the feed schedule on the packaging may be used to determine the right amount of formula.

My baby is almost six months old. What’s the best way to switch to Neolac Organic Follow-on Milk?

Once your child has turned six months old, you may switch to Neolac Organic 2 Follow-on Milk. Breastfeeding may be mixed with Neolac Organic 2 Follow-on Milk to smooth the transition. If you fed your baby with  Neolac Organic 1 Infant Milk up to that point, mix this temporarily with Neolac Organic 2 Follow-on Milk. This allows your child to get used to Neolac Organic 2 Follow-on Milk gradually.

Why should I give my child Neolac Organic 3 Toddler Milk instead of ordinary milk?

After the first year, your child is no longer a baby but a toddler. Your child is very active. He or she needs healthy and varied nutrition and Neolac Organic 3 Toddler Milk could be a suitable option. Neolac Organic 3 Toddler Milk contains many extras compared to ordinary milk:

  • Vitamin D: beneficial for bones and teeth,
  • Additional healthy fats DHA (Omega-3) and AA: for strong brain and eye development
  • Iron: for healthy growth and development
  • Less protein: which is better for the kidneys

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