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Neolac Organic & miffy

Neolac Organic & miffy collaboration

Miffy reflects the image of the pure and Dutch character of Neolac Organic. In that sense, the collaboration with Mercis bv (the company that owns the rights to manage and exploit Dick Bruna’s work) is not only logical but also pretty unique. Mercis is extremely careful with miffy’s image. And that’s something that Neolac Organic values and respects enormously. We are of course very proud that we may display miffy on our packaging.

About miffy


Dick Bruna first drew miffy for his own children in 1955. This marked the beginning of endless adventures. Miffy is now known across the globe, and appears in more than 85 million picture books in over 50 different languages. Miffy series are broadcast on TVs worldwide and you’ll find miffy products in many countries, such as toys, clothing, household products and baby products. In her home country miffy is better known as nijntje. The last book was published in 2011.

This year, miffy is celebrating her 60th birthday. So it’s a very special year for miffy. And for Neolac Organic, too!

miffy website.

miffy on YouTube.

Illustrations Dick Bruna © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2015

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