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Breastfeeding contains everything your child needs for healthy growth and development. We recommend breastfeeding your child for at least the first six months. If you do decide to switch to formula, Neolac Organic milk formula is a choice.

When breastfeeding, many mothers make conscious choices about what they eat and drink, as they want to provide the best for their baby. We think it is important that the parents and carers who use bottle feeding are also able to make conscious choices on follow-on nutrition. Neolac Organic perfectly reflects this ideal.

All Neolac Organic products are organic. The products are made using our own brand organic milk powder from Verla, sourced from our own factory in Ommen, the Netherlands. Neolac Organic milk formula is made from 100% Dutch organic meadow milk. Our farmers choose for organic agriculture out of their passion for nature and animal welfare.

Characteristics of Dutch organic agriculture include;

  • Absolute prohibition of the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • No chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used.
  • Cows graze 200 days a year on average. When weather gets colder in winter, the cows are housed in large sheds and eat organic feed.
  • Respecting the environment by responsible use of natural resources, maintenance of biodiversity, enhancement of soil fertility, and maintenance of water quality

An organic product must at least consist of 95% or more certified organic ingredients. Neolac Organic milk formula goes beyond this: for example, the GOS (prebiotic fibre) in our Neolac Organic milk formula is organic as well.

Organic certified

All Neolac Organic products are certified organic and in compliance with Dutch- and European legislations. That is why our packaging displays both the EU organic quality mark (green & white leaf) and the Dutch organic quality mark (black & white EKO logo).

Neolac Organic is the only organic milk formula made of milk exclusively sourced from Dutch farms.


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